3 Super Fun Ways to Play With Your Cat

Did you know that in the United States, 59.5 percent of cats are overweight or obese? Although a round cat may look cute, this can lead to a greater risk for diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, urinary problems, dandruff, and overall an unhappy cat with a reduced quality of life. 


If you love your furry friend, it’s time to get them on their feet and active again. Keep reading for three simple games you can play with your cat! 


When it’s time to feed your cat or give them a snack, consider making it part of a puzzle. Although there are plenty of food puzzles you can purchase online, you can make one yourself by placing some kibble in a shoebox along with some of your cat’s toys. 


Cut a variety of holes throughout the shoebox so your cat has a way to dip his or her paw inside to get the treats. Then, close the box, give it a shake, and watch your feline friend go. 


Feathers or Mice on a String

You’ll find that when cats play, they mimic hunting behaviors. This means that to make it extra fun for them, you need to mimic the role of their prey. You can do this easily by purchasing a feather toy that has a wand in the end. 


Flutter it throughout the air like a bird, dip it close to their faces, and have it disappear around a corner. You’ll soon find your cat’s pupils dilating in excitement. 


If your cat loves small mice toys, consider tying the toy’s tail to a piece of string. You can then drag the mouse across the ground with some jerky movements, mimicking the natural movement of a rodent.  


Hide and Seek

If you have a rug or blanket that you’re considering throwing away or donating, consider saving it for your cat instead. Cats have great eyes when it comes to subtle movements, and they’ll be tantalized if they see something that looks like an animal underneath a rug or blanket. 


To protect your hands, use a stick or one of their toys underneath and make a series of tiny movements. You’ll find that your cat’s tail will start shifting back and forth in excitement before they pounce! 

Commit to Playing With Your Cat Each Day

Make a commitment to play with your cat each day, starting with 15 minutes at a time. You’ll find that your cat will have a burst of energy, will rest again, and then have a burst of energy soon after. This cycle is natural and will continue until your cat is completely wiped! 


Not only does playing with your cat keep them slim and healthy, but playing also helps stimulate their minds. Overall, you’ll find that these short play sessions mean you’ll have a happier, well-adjusted cat. 


Ready for more easy pet tips? Keep reading our blog! 


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