Hospice Care and Euthenasia

Hospice care is a stage of medical intervention that is focused on the comfort of the pet and preparing the family emotionally for the loss of their pet. Hospice care is meant to focus on caring rather than curing. At this stage, our goal is to maximize the patients' quality of life regardless of their condition. The focus of palliative care is to relieve and prevent suffering.
Examples of diseases that benefit from hospice care are:
• Advanced age
• Cancer
• Organ failure or chronic disease
• Severe arthritis
• Traumatic injuries
• Neurologic disorders
Hospice care and palliative care rely on input from a variety of sources. The hospice team can include the veterinarian, veterinary technician, nutritionist, healing arts specialist, the family members, the pet sitter, acupuncturist, etc. All can work together to create a plan to relieve pain and suffering.
Our hospice care/palliative care initial consultation will assess your goals, beliefs, concerns, and financial constraints. It is important we are on the same page for the expectations of care and end of life decisions. It is best to have a plan if there is a decline in your pet's condition. A euthanasia plan and the options for body care are discussed ahead of time to reduce stress during the time of crisis.
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