How Do You Actually Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy?

Did you know that over 58 million cats are in the United States right now? Cats make great pets because of their affection, independent yet goofy personalities, and quiet peacefulness.

However, it’s up to you as a pet owner to ensure that your indoor cat is as happy as possible, and this means not neglecting their needs.

With this in mind, keep reading to learn how to keep your indoor cat happy for the long term!

Play Every Day

Cats need just as much physical exercise as dogs, but exercise may seem more complicated since they’re always indoors. However, the cat toys you see in pet store aisles aren’t just there to be cute—many of them help awaken your cat’s predatory instinct.

Take one of your cat’s favorite toys and start moving it around like a mouse or bird. You’ll find that they may swat or bolt after the toy after a few seconds. Keep in mind that cats naturally hunt with spurts of energy and then retreat.

If your cat seems uninterested after five minutes of play, let them rest for a little bit before starting your play session again. You’ll find that most will be ready to start!

Try Catnip

Catnip is a plant in the mint family. It contains an oil called nepetalactone which acts as a natural cat pheromone. Smelling this oil produces a mild high that’s temporary, short-term, and doesn’t harm them in any way.

You’ll find that most cats are crazy about this scent! Used in moderation, it’s a great way to provide your cat with enrichment and stimulation. However, some cats are immune to this scent, and kittens under six months aren’t affected.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Most cats love being high up to get a lay of the land. It also makes them feel more secure, as most predators in the wild can’t climb up a tree to attack a cat.

If you don’t already have a cat tree, make sure you invest in one! Its ideal place will be by a window in an area of your home with minimal traffic. However, if you find that your cat likes hanging out in the same areas, consider placing the cat tree in those places.

Once you have your tree, consider adding some grass indoors. Cats love to graze on grass, and you can give them this opportunity by purchasing cat grass from your local pet store.

Scheduled Feeding

Last but not least, a happy cat means one that’s a good weight. Obese cats struggle to climb, clean themselves and are more prone to health issues. Although they may seem cute, allowing your cat to graze on dry food throughout the day impacts their quality of life.

Instead, feed your cat at least twice a day, 12 hours apart. If you can, three times a day is even better. This keeps them from overeating with pre-measured quantities, but it also becomes a great way to bond with them.

Playing with your cat before their meals and then feeding them after will satisfy their hunter instincts. You may also find that your cat will be particularly snuggly and happy right after their meal!

Before you switch to this feeding method, make sure you talk with your vet about the best way to switch over without stressing your cat. You’ll also want to discuss the right portions for weight maintenance or weight loss.

Take the Steps to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy Today

By ensuring that your cat is healthy and happy each day, you’re increasing the quality of their life and even how long they’ll live. Even better, your bond with your cat will strengthen as you pay greater attention to their favorite toys, eating schedule, and where they hang out every day.

Of course, keeping your indoor cat happy also means making sure that they have no underlying health issues.

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