Dogs are loved for their loyalty, sweetness, and loving nature. Of course, as pet owners, we want to do everything possible to ensure their lives are happy–but how can you tell you’re doing everything right?

Keep reading to learn some of the most common signs that you have a happy dog!

You’ll find that some of the happiest dogs are the best socialized. This means that whether they’re greeting a new dog or a new person, they aren’t scared or reactive when approached by someone new.

Growling, barking, and lunging at strange people and animals are typically signs that your dog is anxious and afraid. Fortunately, with consistent and patient training, you can help reactive dogs find security in themselves and their environment. Good Behavior
Although it’s natural for dogs to want to chew, you shouldn’t constantly worry about your dog destroying your property. Of course, puppies won’t know better unless you teach them, but this can signify separation anxiety in adult dogs.

Adult dogs that destroy property may also be bored and lack stimulation in their lives. Make sure you’re walking your dog twice a day and playing with them–you’ll find that this can do a lot to keep them content once they’re inside.

Body Language
Lastly, it’s usually easy to tell when your dog is in a good mood if you pay attention to their body. Happy dogs have relaxed, wiggling tails and bodies. In addition, they’ll have loose shoulders, soft eyes, and a wagging tail. They may also appear to smile with some teeth showing, and the corners of their mouths turned up with their tongue lolling out.

However, excessive panting is a sign that they may suffer from dehydration or heatstroke–if you’re familiar with your dog’s body language, you can usually tell the difference!

Schedule an Appointment with Your Vet for Happy Dogs

Of course, you can never be sure of your dog’s quality of life until you schedule yearly wellness checkups with your favorite veterinarian. By thoroughly examining your dog’s coat and body and assessing their behavior, they’ll be able to determine if your dog is healthy.

Veterinarians can also give you tips if you feel that your dog’s behavior is out of control. Ready to schedule an appointment with us? Give us a call today to get started!

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